Optimized process
through a full service model

By using our innovative concept for your material management, you save on processes that are easily overlooked: in warehousing, in logistics, in bookkeeping. Thanks to our large network of suppliers, we can deliver components that are difficult to source in a timely manner and thus avoid bottlenecks.

Saving on operational costs

Adaptation to customer processes

Support of the supplier network

Material kitting and special procurement

It is the ambition of Ecker to support you in a variety of activities. With our worldwide procurement network, we create the best possible price and delivery flexibility. Our full-service concept of material procurement noticeably reduces time and costs and allows you to use your resources for other important tasks.

We take over the following activities:

  • Calculation of prototypes
  • Checking the bill of materials and transfer to our system
  • Clarifying of technical questions
  • Short-term calculation and offer
  • Immediate disposition after placing the ordere
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Incoming inspection
  • Individual labeling of the components according to your specifications
  • Exclusive storage including security storage
  • Shipping to the specified location

B and C parts management

The administration of large quantities of low-cost components needs space and is time-intensive for you. To simplify this process, you can use our logistics and storage capacity. We link up with your production planning and keep track of your parts lists so that your needs are always met. This not only saves storage capacity but also allows you to benefit from volume discounts and short-term availability.

Supplier reduction

We take care of suppliers you do not want to manage yourself. This allows for efficient use of your purchasing capacity and creates savings in storage and accounting processes. The entry of new suppliers is reduced and handled by the logistics partner.

Individual support

Each company has specific requirements and its own approach to materials management. We work closely with your operational purchasing department and warehouse to provide the best possible support to the people behind the processes. See us as your extended hand for your purchase department - and also talk to us about individual custom solutions.

- for fewer bottlenecks

Components are short term not available? You have high inventories and would like to use your liquidity elsewhere?
In order to avoid space problems, delivery bottlenecks and to be able to pass on price advantages to you, we offer the storage of your electronic components within a frame contract or rolling forecast. Easy handling and on-time delivery included.

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